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Succulent Show and Tell

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A while ago, I submitted this little moon cactus in to Akbar's.

What you didn't know about that small pixel drawing, is that that little guy is real! I bought him around 4 years ago while I was living in Texas. He was my very first succulent which in turn, lead to my addiction for plants! I ended up gluing some googly eyes on him for a more anatomical feel.

Just about two weeks ago, my little friend passed away. He may be gone, but not forgotten. He had obtained injuries on the moving trip from Texas to Michigan and ended up not making it.

I know these are just plants, but to me, they mean a lot more. I've been moving cities and states regularly for the past 5 years and they have been with me through all of it. What can you call home when you're moving so often? When you have to get rid of all your furniture, your belongings? For me, my plants have been with me through everything these past few years, and no matter where I am living at the moment, they will be there. To me, my plants are my home. Here are some pictures of them that I felt like sharing with you all.

A picture of my guy, The real deal!

This is about a year after buying them, as you can see, they have grown considerably from this point.

New Year's day!

On the move to Michigan!

The injuries from the move . . . neither of them made it. R.I.P. my guys.

Yes, he IS fluffy. This guy's name is Doc Brown, can you spot the resemblance?

Finally, all moved in. My plants overlooking our first ever autumn in Michigan.


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