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One day, over a decade ago, my cousin called me and told me about a website where people create unique avatars, chat with one another, and play fun online games. During this time, I was obsessed with online games but I'd never heard of a place where I could play multiple online games, have an avatar, and have countless opportunities for fun at the tip of fingertips while just being on one website. Like a curious 8 year old would, I made an account. From that day on Whyville became our favorite place to go. We didn't have the privilege of always being together in person, however, playing online was just as fun, if not more fun than our sleepovers.

Over a decade later from a 21 year old perspective as an adult, I can say that I've never thought about all of the important people, opportunities, connections and skills I would've gained from this one website I played solely for fun as a kid. Something always kept me coming back, I'm not sure what it was but I am glad I never let go.

For the past ten years, Whyville has been a huge part of my life and I couldn't imagine what my life would have been like without it. I have had the most fun virtual experiences, made so many life-long friends, gained so much knowledge about the world beyond my reach and tapped into so many hidden talents which I believe I would've never discovered without being here. As an 8 year old, I never would have thought that particular call from my cousin would've been a life changing one. Looking back from an adult perspective, I can tell that call was destined to be; The universe works in mysterious ways.

Although I started playing in 2007, my peak years on this website was from 2010-2016. During that time, I played daily and maximized the use out of Whyville because it was so much fun. Maximizing the use of this website benefitting me in ways I never thought it would. From playing Raven Island games and Critter Care, attending Beauty Contests, collecting duplicate copies of every face-part from specific designers, to designing myself and most of all, chatting with people who I spontaneously met on a virtual website, to them becoming my best friends who I talk to every day and couldn't imagine how my life would be without their presence. URM0M (Cody), 20000000 (Marcus), hotgyrl01 (Jenna), stars54/Leprosy (Axel), Bylanna (Chelsea), Ducky464 (Mira), LoveAtWar (Bre), and Yaneth11 (Yaneth), if you ever read this -- just know that I love you all for life, through all of our ups and downs. Y'all are one of the best things to ever happen to me and most definitely the best people I have ever met. Thank you for existing! Who ever said you had to meet your best friends at school? I met mine on here, and of course I documented almost every moment we had!

I've also enjoyed and have had the pleasure to get to know so many city-worker during my time here, I won't get into too much detail I but I will say that you guys have definitely moved me in ways I never thought anyone would and have y'all all backed me up and supported me on here when no one else did. Keine, tesract akbar, Jen, Mark and superid, y'all are some real ones! Thank you all for loving, accepting and appreciating me for who I am.

Now how about we take a trip down memory lane?

Marcus/20000000, Krayzee/Margaret, bylanna/Chelsea), leprosy/Axel and I (as well as our alternative accounts). Circa 2012

Sunroof. Circa 2013

Me co-hosting a Greek Theater event with akbar and superid. Circa 2016

A quarantine party hosted by yours truly, before (Sunroof) and after-party (Guess where?). Circa 2020

Me assisting with a Greek Theater event with Cheryl Contee by giving her a makeover. Circa 2020


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