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COVID-19: the Good and the Bad

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There have been many changes in my life since COVID-19 hit the United States. When I first heard of COVID, it was in a history class and we talked about how it was so bad in China and how it kept spreading. I never thought that it would come into Utah so fast. When COVID first hit, we went out of school and went online, which started off as two weeks and then went to a month and then finally it went all the way to the end of the school year.

After school was over, it was mandatory to wear a mask anytime you went anywhere. The summer was a mess; I couldn't see anyone or go and do anything. I worked a lot in the summer for this reason. During the summer, I think I saw around four friends.

When COVID hit, everyone was scared. The stores became empty because people worried there wouldn't be enough supplies.The toilet paper was the biggest thing to go. They were worried they wouldn't have any. I was scared during the summer. The world was scary with COVID. It looked like the world was ending; everyone was freaking out and stocking up on everything that they could. The stores were so empty. After a month or so, things got better, and toilet paper wasn't going out of stock so fast.

There are a lot of people in my family. All my uncles and grandpa are truck drivers so during this time they were always going back and forth. I hardly saw them because they were traveling to get food from the distribution centers to the stores that needed to be restocked. They ran constantly back and forth from state to state to help transport food from one state to another. The only times I really saw them was when they had to stop for a little while because they ran out of hours They would come home and sleep or go places with us. During this pandemic, I also had three concerts that were planned that got postponed many times and only one of them has a date for next year. The other ones are up in the air. The COVID experience was scary. I hardly saw my uncles and grandpa because of it.

There are some good things that happened. My family got a lot closer with each other. I found things I like to do, and I tried new things that I would never have thought of trying. During quarantine, a lot of not so good things happen, but you had to make the best out of it. I spent a lot of time with my cousins and took them back and forth to gymnastics and spent my summer with them, which was fun. I basically lived with my aunt and uncle for the summer and helped them with their little girls while they worked. My aunt and some other family members are nurses, and so when this whole thing hit, my aunt was always in the hospital helping out. I saw the hospital side of when COVID hit, and I also saw the food side when it hit. The hospital was bad. My aunt had bruises on her face from her mask and her guard, which she had to wear for her whole shift which was 15 hours long.

There are some differences and similarities between COVID-19 and SPIKEY-20. With SPIKEY-20, there were fewer people with masks on then there are with COVID-19. Everyone has masks on with COVID-19, but with SPIKEY-20 I saw maybe three people that had it with mask on, and other people that had it did not have masks on. SPIKEY-20 didn't hit as hard as COVID-19. (As of this writing) SPIKEY-20 is getting worse, but it is not as bad as COVID-19 is right now in real life. I also feel like SPIKEY-20 will progressively get worse just like COVID-19, with some people being positive without knowing it because the tests aren't perfectly accurate, and so you could be positive but test negative. With the number of people in whyville that have SPIKEY-20 but don't wear a mask, it will make it spread so much quicker. COVID-19 is way worse, but you never know how out of hand SPIKEY-20 could get with people not wearing a mask and the test not being as accurate as it should be. In all, they are both very different from each other and also have some similarities with each other.


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