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COVID-19 and SPIKEY-20: Similartities and Differences

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My experiences with the recent SPIKEY-20 and COVID-19 outbreaks share a lot of similarities and many differences. Both of these epidemics have harshly changed the communities that they affect. They have altered citizens' focuses. Things that were important in the real world and Whyville now are not as important. People in both communities are now more focused on the basics of life. In the real world, people have started putting more attention in providing the basics of life. In March and April of this year, there was a huge rush on many staple items such as canned goods and toilet paper. People have started to prepare for the future more. People have also started cherishing relationships with their friends and family. People have started caring less about how much better their lives could be. They have instead become more grateful for the things they have.

This has also been true in Whyville. People have started caring less about how many clams they have. Money isn't as important as it used to be. While in the real world money has been a big issue, people in both communities are trying to get enough money to provide for the basics of life. Large, expensive purchases aren't happening in both communities. The change of focus can also be seen in other aspects of life such as entertainment. In Whyville, people have been playing games less. They are not spending their free time at the beach like they used to. They are instead spending their time doing things relating to the epidemic such as getting tested or looking at data at the Whyville CDC.

This has also happened in the real world. People are paying more attention to COVID-19 than they are entertainment such as basketball games. In the real world, even before the May protests in the United States, people started to care more about the news and politics than entertainment. On the night of the NBA championship game, the biggest American basketball game, United States President Donald Trump had an interview with a nationwide cable news station. President Trump's interview had more views than the NBA championship game. People in both communities have started to care about the outbreak and other things that affect their lives more than they do entertainment.

There have been many similarities between the two outbreaks. However, I have seen a lot of differences too. In the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been rules implemented to stop the spread of the coronavirus. There have been no rules established in Whyville to help stop the spread of SPIKEY-20. In the real world, masks are not only recommended, but required in many places such as schools. In March and April of this year, most of the world went into lockdown. Schools were closed, only essential personnel were allowed to go to work, and many businesses were forced to shut their doors. These measures were placed to help stop the spread of COVID-19. There have been no measures implemented to stop the spread of SPIKEY-20. There has been very little talk from the Whyville government about what we can do to help stop the spread of the virus. In the real world, there have been ads taken out everywhere showing what you can do to stop COVID-19. They are on our TVs, billboards, websites, and many other places. The government has been putting a lot of effort into forcing information at citizens. There has been no change in the ads in Whyville. The ads still show different games they want you to play. The government has done very little to get information to citizens. There has been a large push to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while there have been very little precautions taken to stop the spread of SPIKEY-20.


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