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Masks are Important!

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While spending time on Whyville I noticed a parallel between the Spikey-20 epidemic and the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the biggest issues that I noticed was the wearing of masks. Over my five day experience on Whyville, I only saw one individual wearing a mask, as well as no social distancing. There were large gatherings in City Hall for getting tested for Spikey-20 and at other events. In real life I see this problem daily. I understand that across the world there are people wearing masks in public, trying to stop the curve of Covid-19, but there are still many individuals who choose not to wear a mask, despite the guidelines that have been set in place. I do acknowledge the effort and consideration of those who wear masks, however, many still do not wear their masks properly. It is down under their nose even though that particular face covering is meant to cover both the nose and the mouth. With masks not being worn properly, or at all, in both Whyville and the World, there is a higher potential exposure and risk of contracting Spikey-20 or Covid-19. We are not only putting ourselves at risk but our peers and friends as well. By wearing masks, we are not only being inconsiderate to others, but we are also being inconsiderate to ourselves.

Just like in real life, there is a test available in Whyville to see if you have contracted Spikey-20 or not. While there are many symptoms that appear on the avatar's face, showing that Spikey-20 has been contracted, it is important to get tested to know if you are putting others at risk. Over a two day period, I tested my character on Whyville to see if they had caught Spikey-20 or not. Unfortunately, on the first day I tested three times, for accuracy, positive for Spikey-20. The weird part, however, was that I did not show any symptoms. Once again, the following day, I tested at least three more times, however, this time my results were negative. This experience on Whyville brought to my attention just how realistic the Spikey-20 epidemic is and how much it compares to the Covid-19 pandemic. When many individuals contract Covid-19, they are asymptomatic, meaning that they do not show any symptoms of having the virus, same with my Whyville character. This is particularly dangerous because others are getting exposed to Spikey-20 and Covid-19 without either the person who has contracted it or their peers knowing. Due to this realization, I bring masks back up. If we are wearing masks properly on both Whyville and in real life, we are helping stop those spreads. If we have contracted Covid-19 or Spikey-20 without knowing it, and we are wearing masks, a barrier is put in place and is slowing the spread and decreasing the chance of spreading these viruses.

By spending time on Whyville, I have been able to learn a few things on the most important topic at the moment, Covid-19. Previously mentioned, I noted how important it is to be wearing face masks at a time like this. They need to be worn properly and correctly at all times so they can work effectively; we do not want to be the reason someone else contracts the virus. When masks are worn, we are protecting ourselves and others, showing that we care about not only their well-being and health, but ours as well. Overall, Whyville has brought to mind just how easy a virus can spread and what measures can be taken to slow the curve of that virus.


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