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Thoughts on COVID-19 & Spikey-20

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My personal experience that I have had with the Spikey-20 outbreak in Whyville is that my avatar has not been affected by it much or at all other than going to get tested for the virus. Every time I have gone to get tested, it has come back negative except for one false positive test that was corrected when I took the test three more times and they came back negative every time. Other than getting tested I have not done anything different at all than before, like wearing masks or using the sanitizer, and it has had no effect so far. Though I probably should get a mask or something just to be safe. This is somewhat similar to my experience with the COVID-19 pandemic because now that we are starting to figure out more about what is going on and learning how to stay safe, things are starting to get better and other than having to wear a mask and using a lot of hand sanitizer everyday, things for the most part are going back to normal, or at least for me they are. My daily routine is back to how it used to be, and I can still do most of the things that I enjoy doing, like going to a gas station to get snacks or going out to dinner with the only exception being that I have to wear a mask.

To me the Spikey-20 outbreak reminds me a lot of how the COVID-19 outbreak started because right now in Whyville most people aren't really doing anything different than how they used to and aren't really that worried about it. This is very similar to when COVID started because at first many people either didn't know enough about it to worry, or they knew about it and decided that they would be ok ,and so they just went around going about their day as if nothing was happening. There are a few people that I have seen that have the respirators on Whyville, and I'm sure there are more who have it just like there were plenty of people who were very concerned about COVID and were doing everything to protect themselves. I think that the Spikey-20 virus is going to do the exact same thing that COVID-19 did. By the time people start to figure out what is going on, it will be too late, and the damage will be done.


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