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As usual, it's time for me to urge you to watch the shows and let me know what you think. Email me, the new MediaWiz of Whyville!

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Thursday, July 25

"Without Warning" (The Learning Channel, 9-11pm) This is a documentary about people unexpectedly caught in mud, floods and ice and how they got out safely. Viewers learn what happened when two 11-year old girls fell through the ice on the Saskatchewan River, how a mother and baby are rescued when their car is submerged under a flood, and how a man gets out from under tons of soil and sand which fell on him.

Friday, July 26

"Gotta Kick It Up" (Disney Channel, 8-9:30pm, repeating 9:30-11pm) This movie, inspired by the true experiences of a "Teach For America" teacher in Los Angeles, follows two people, an executive-turned teacher and volunteer dance team coach, who take a handful of Latina schoolgirls and motivate them to find their potential and overcome societal obstacles. With the mantra "Si Se Puede" (Yes We Can), the girls beat the odds and become a championship dance team.

Saturday, July 27

"Next@CNN "(CNN, 1-1:30pm ET 10-10:30am PT ) The topic of this tech-news report is the newest software that promises to keep spam out of your e-mail box.

"Dreamchasers" (A&E, 8-9pm E/P) This is a documentary about the rigorous training that practitioners of kick-boxing must undergo. We see a Minneapolis waiter, Nat McIntyre, travel to Thailand, where Buddhist temples and stoic monks are elements of his experience in a traditional kick-boxing training camp.

Sunday, July 28

"Dateline: Take The Money And Run" (NBC, 7-8pm E/P) NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw digs right into the latest news about the outrageous extremes of business executive pay rates compared to the average workers -- and the questionable accounting practices that made this possible. It's also about their taking millions of dollars that should have gone to stockholders, and all sorts of other nasty things you should not try yourself -- at home or anywhere.

"Ouramerica" (Showtime, 8-9:30 E/P) This movie is based on a true story about two young African-American teens living on the South Side of Chicago who were selected to do a radio report about their life in their neighborhood. They learned to operate recording equipment and made a documentary offering a stark portrait of an urban ghetto, in the process learning about themselves and about how to become broadcast reporters. This movie contains mature subject matter, adult language and violence. Cast includes Josh Charles, Peter Paige, Mykelti Williamson, Vanessa Williams and Irma P. Hall. It's based on the book, "Ouramerica: Life And Death On The South Side Of Chicago", written by the teens who lived the story, LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman.

Monday, July 29

"Remote Operated Vehicles" (History Channel, 7-8pm E/P) This is a documentary about remotely operated vehicles that allow us to explore inner and outer space, provide glimpses of dangerous situations like nuclear disasters, sunken vessels, the ocean floor, the surface of distant planets. The first remote controlled vehicle was an 1898 steam-powered boat designed by electrical engineering genius Nicola Tesla.

Tuesday, July 30

"Science Times" (National Geographic Network, 9-10pm E/P) The repots in this science-news program are "The Prosthetic Revolution", about new technologies to help people with movement disabilities, ""The Quack Heard Round The World" , about how the use of thousands of rubber ducks has advanced our understanding of ocean currents and "Laughing Matters" about how laughter may be the key to successful relationships and better health.

"John Stossel Special" (ABC, 10-11pm E/P) Reporter-commentator John Stossel, known for his sharply critical segments on the ABC News documentary series "20/20", will devote this entire broadcast to an examination of America's drug war. He's learned a lot about it and doesn't like much of what he's found out.

Wednesday, July 31

"The Brain Game" (ABC, 10-11pm E/P) This documentary about the scientific aspects of why men and women act differently has a rather provocative additional title, "What's Sex Got To Do With It?", which you may have noticed in your TV guide. No need to worry that watching it will get you in trouble with your parents. In fact, you should encourage them to watch it with you. You'll probably discover that mothers and fathers each react differently to the program. At least, that's what researchers Drs. Raquel and Reuben Gur would predict, based on their studies of male and female brains. Other researcher's work is presented, including studies of the behavior of toddlers, noting that boys try to accomplish the same tasks differently from girls. Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who hosts the program, explores the issue with a panel of men and women, whom she tests to see which are better at spatial relations, language and memory. Viewers at home can take these and other tests by logging on to http://www.abcnews.com

Thursday, August 1

"Pooh Friendship Day Marathon" (Disney Channel, 7am-3pm E/P) I would be a grinch if I held back pointing out that sixteen back-to back episodes of "The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh" were airing today. Here's a chance to tape them all, for yourself and the younger members of your family. The meaning of friendship -- between Pooh, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyor, Tigger, Owl and Rabbit -- is the theme throughout.

"Wide Angle" (PBS, 9-10pm E/P) Journalist Daljit Dhaliwal and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State James P. Rubin host this documentary about workers in Cambodia who are laying a high-tech fiber optic cable that will link their country to the rest of Asia and Europe. It provides a haunting glimpse of the worker's encounters with painful reminders of Cambodia's recent, violent past.


Thursday, July 25
    Without Warning

Friday, July 26
    Gotta Kick It Up

Saturday, July 27

Sunday, July 28
    Dateline: Take The Money And Run

Monday, July 29
    Remote Operated Vehicles

Tuesday, July 30
    Science Times
    John Stossel Special

Wednesday, July 31
    The Brain Game

Thursday, August 1
    Pooh Friendship Day Marathon
    Wide Angle


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