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News Flash!

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News Flash!

Guest Writer

Hey Whyvillians! This is KweenB15 and I am very happy! I saw a link on my Whyville home page that took me to an article written about our city! I was amazed and very surprised to see all of the excellent things written about Whyville! I surely hope that this publicity will bring out more sponsors to help out City Management.

This is fantastic! This will hopefully send out a message to parents and businesses as to what Whyville really is all about!

When I read the part on having food on Whyville, where if you buy too many goodies and not enough fruits and veggies you will start to look sick, I thought that that was an EXCELLENT idea! It can really help us all see that junk food isn't really what it's all about and it'll also show the effects of unhealthy eating!

Well, my name is KweenB15 and once again I am EXTREMELY impressed with Whyville! Now... I must get my parents to read that article and possibly get a Why-pass... they will surely see my point now!


Times Writer

I have witnessed an amazing thing. Yes, amazing... I am sure you are wondering what it was! Okay, I will explain.

Hello Whyvillians, it is I, ChinaDawl! As you might notice, it does say Times Writer under my name now and I am so proud! But on with my point! One normal day in July, I went onto the computer. Knowing that I most likely wouldn't get in, I typed in www.whyville.net. I thought it would be fun to look at the little screens that pop up and show the citizens saying things. I never really have looked at all of them! Anyway, once the page came up, I discovered there was a peculiar thing at the top of the page.

It was yellow and bouncing in water or something. In bright letters, it said NEWS FLASH and it was wiggling around like crazy. So, as curious as I am, I moused over there and clicked (I had a hard time... you had to sort of click above it.)

Presto Chango! The Los Angeles Times' webpage popped up. At first I thought it was an ad, but all of a sudden something caught my eye. The word Whyville and Whyvillians jumped out at me. Oh my gosh! It was an article about Whyville! With the title "Cartoon Lips, Virtual Fashion and Physics", the article was very cool.

It was quite long, but it was a terrific article. At first, they described the WhyPox and then led to learning over websites like Whyville. Then came all these statistics. Did you know that more than two thirds of us, Whyvillians, are females?

They talked about what we liked to do, the "hangout spots", whether this was really an educational site, the games we play, Akbar's, ways to get clams, houses, and so much more!

They also included a section about a girl named Jessica. I really wondered who she was, but it never said her screen name.

I thought it was very cool when they used quotes from the Whyville Times. :) It was really exciting reading the article. Maybe Whyville will be able to attract some sponsors through that article!

All of you who haven't read it, I encourage you to! It is a great article and I think it's great that Whyville is gaining all this attention!

So Whyville, my point is, Whyville is quickly gaining noticed and very soon we may be as well-known as e-mail or any other thing on the internet!

I have to run! Peace Out!




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