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Y-Mail Needs 911

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Y-Mail Needs 911

Guest Writer

Hello everyone! I would like to talk to you about something VERY HORRIBLE that has come to my attention! There have been horrible Y-mails going around lately -- I heard of two people getting a crude Y-mail the same day I got mine. I think this really needs to stop, or the person writing these things should be banished!! They will not stop if they are not punished!

This is horrible and I do not want Whyville to be hurt by this! Many people are paying to get into a place with lots of fun and enjoyment, but the thing is, if this goes on, then that will not be what people are paying for! I would like you to see what the Y-mail I got was like, but the Times Editor says he can't publish something so terribly offensive.

I really DO NOT EVER want this to become a problem on Whyville! Please, I would like City Hall to write back to me on this!

This is bofo, signing off...


Note from City Hall:

Hi bofo,

In light of your letter (and letters from a number of other citizens!), we at City Hall are now announcing 911 Reports for Y-mail! You'll now be able to use all our regular community tools in Y-mail as well as in chat, including the 911 report.

Remember, the report tool is still only for serious cases....



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