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Smart Cars Cheating

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Smart Cars Cheating

Liss22 and Piker
Times Writers

Piker and Liss22 sit on the blue bleacher watching the races from the Smart Cars Arena, the first races of the morning on Sunday.

Both: *Munches on popcorn*

Piker: *Throws popcorn at the cars* What the heck? He just did a U-ey, and the race is over!!

Liss22: Wait a minute... he just won the race.

Piker: Cheating in Smart Cars, I didn't even think that was possible. I didn't understand what Wench or Andy109 were talking about in their articles about cheating.

Liss22: That's so unfair, it shouldn't be allowed.

Piker: But what can anybody do about it? They entered the race, even if they didn't win it fair and square.

Liss22: I spent hours doing my configurations for over 30 races, and now people can just turn around at the start line, and win the race in 3 seconds?

Piker: Look, look! Someone else did it! That's the 4th race this morning!

Liss22: Wait a minute, you see that guy? He's ranked 2nd out of everyone. Now we know why! =(

Piker: Look at this race -- BOTH of them are turning around to the finish line!

Liss22: I never expected that from her, she's one of the nice popular ones. Funny how she would sink so low. Good role-models we have.... =P

Piker: Maybe that's the only way to win these days.

Liss22: Yeah, cheating or winning by default.

Piker: What a waste. Well there's your race -- you won because the other person didn't submit a configuration.

Liss22: Why do we even bother? There's no way we can get into the top 10 without cheating. We just saw three people who were ranked in the top 10 who cheated. They aren't ranked on their racing ability -- they're ranked because they turned their car around first and got to the finish line.

Piker: I had no idea that this was happening so much. And we can't even do anything about it.

Liss22: I know. No one listened to the other articles either. Wench just lost a race to a cheater right then -- even after her article.

Piker: That's because they want to win, and have to keep up with the cheaters.

Liss22: The only way would be to figure out some way that the computer system could disqualify the person if they did a half circle from the starting line to get to the finish.

Piker: Yeah, but HOW would we go about doing that? It takes time and money. Besides that I have no clue where we would start on that, it would take somebody who understands computer systems, and a designer of Whyville.

Liss22: Well, let's go, this is sad, why should we watch races that are 3 seconds long? I thought we'd see some good racing.

Piker: No wait, look! The first race today where somebody didn't win by cheating! ^_^

Liss22: That's only because it's on the "Free For All" -- you can't cheat in that one. It's the one I do all my races in.

Piker: *Sigh*

Liss22: So, how important is winning for us? I'm really tempted to just cheat now. It would save at least 3- 5 minutes of designing a configuration over and over...

Piker: I know. Then we'd be just as bad as them. But if we get to be in the top 10...

Liss22: I dunno, Pike. I wish there was something we could do.

Piker: It's true -- and I know we could get up into the top 10 fair and square.

Liss22 and Piker slam the door on their way out of the Smart Cars Arena.



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