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Bad Bribery

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Good day, Meloyello here!

I go to the petition list most every day to check out the new and cool ideas people have. Some are just awesome... others, I'm kind of disappointed in.

Over the past month, I've seen more and more petitions that offer clams. The first one I ever saw I signed because, wow, it said, "I'll give 1,000 clams to the first 30 people who sign!" Thirteen people had signed, so who wouldn't? Well, obviously I never got the clams. Now, whenever I stop off at the petition list, I see THEY'VE ALMOST TAKEN OVER! I am totally disgusted by this! So if you think, wow, "10,000,000 clams to everyone who signs"... I say, I think NOT!

I didn't know if it was just me or not, so I interviewed some Whyvillians to see what they thought, and their opinions are totally different from each other!

Me: 'Ello.
Dosh: Hi, heh.
Me: How do you feel about petitions that offer clams?
Dosh: I think it is fair for newbies because if they sign it they can get clams and the petitions will be accepted.
Me: Are you sure the petition author will give everyone the clams??
Dosh: Well, I know they don't really give everyone the clams, because I have signed a few before and they didn't send me any clams
Me: Ohh, well, thank you for your time and sharing your idea!
Dosh: =D

Next I interviewed dabomb7.

Me: Hey.
Dabomb7: Hi.
Me: How do you feel about petitions that offer clams?
Dabomb7: They have no point except getting people to sign it.
Me: Do you think the petition author will give them the clams?
Dabomb7: I highly doubt they will...
Me: I think the same... Well, thank you for your time and sharing your idea!
Dabomb7: Yup, no problem!

This is just what two, just two, Whyvillians had to say... and I bet they're proud! LoL! There are a lot of different (good or bad) points people can make! I hope authors of petitions out there will understand, it's not fair to bribe someone. And don't forget that City Hall has said many times that she will not accept them, so there is (like dabomb7 said) no point to do that. Even if you really will give out the clams (which I highly doubt anyone will) it's still bribery and it's not fair!

Until next time,



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