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Improving Whyville

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Improving Whyville

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Hello Citizens of Whyville,

A lot of us Whyvillians, including these three, have many great ideas on how to improve Whyville and make it more fun.

Me: Where did you first hear about Whyville?
Kittycas: Well, I was talking to my friend on MSN and I asked her what else she was doing while she was talking to me. She said that she was on Whyville. I asked what the heck is that cause it sounded pretty funny at the time. She told me about it so I tried it out... and here I am today! A citizen of Whyville.
BaByBwIaN: I heard of it from a friend at school.
Wildfire9: Well, it's pretty funny how I heard of Whyville. I heard of it from a friend, who heard of it from a friend, who heard of it from a friend, who heard of it from a friend, who... well, you get the point!

Me: What do you think about Why-Passes, because most people hate them?
BaByBwIaN: Well, they're a good cause, because the money goes towards expanding Whyville, but I don't have American money and I don't have a credit card.
Wildfire9: I think that Why-Passes are a total scam! I mean, like, it's supposed to be an educational site, so you shouldn't have to pay for things! You should be able to pay in clams... a LOT of clams. Also, I don't want to give my credit card number out online... you never know what they would use it for!

Me: Do you think that it is too hard to earn clams on Whyville?
Kittycas: Yeah, some of the games are easy, but most of them are super hard! They're like a history lesson! LoL!
BaByBwIaN: I think that the games are pointless. I have thousands of clams 'cause I save up, and I only make a little bit of money.
Wildfire9: I actually make 49 clams/day. Some of the games are ridiculously easy, and some are ridiculously hard!

Me: How do you think that Whyville could be improved?
Kittycas: I think that the Whyville owners should have bigger servers because nobody can ever get on anymore! Also, when you go to the waiting room, there should be a waiting list, and when someone signs off, the person on the top of the list gets in, and so on and so on.
Wildfire9: Whyville could have food stores and they could let more people on.

At this point, BaByBwIaN left the conversation.

Me: Do you think that Whyville should do more realistic things, like have a dance once a month?
Kittycas: I don't really care if we have a dance or not, because I have a boyfriend and we dance all the time!
Wildfire9: OMG! Yeah, it would be so cool to have a dance for everybody! And I think that there should be a dance for all the singles of Whyville, because I don't have a boy friend. :(

Me: Can you think of any other ways to improve Whyville?
Kittycas: Umm....
Wildfire9: They should make making things at Akbar's easier because I can't make anything. The stuff I make is awful! LoL
Kittycas: Yeah, it's too hard for me to make stuff at Akbar's. Oh yea! They should also have more colors. Editor's Note: Actually, you can only get so many colors on the 'net, and we let you work with every one of them!

Well, there you have it. The opinions of different people vary in Whyville; some like Whyville just the way it is, some want to change everything about it, some want a singles' room, some want more chats, and some just want a boyfriend or girlfriend!

I think that everybody should be thankful the way that Whyville is. The people that invented Whyville were very creative and the citizens of Whyville are really nice and kind! (Well, at least most of them are.) Whyville will expand and grow with time. We just have to be patient and accept what we have right now.

This is GGbabe, signing out with a special thanks to Kittycas, Wildfire9 and BaByBwIaN.




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