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Whyville's New Improvements

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Whyville's New Improvements

Guest Writer

I was overjoyed when I read the column in the Los Angeles Times about Whyville! I couldn't believe that Whyville has gotten so popular that scientists and adults are investigating it! Congratulations goes out to the creators of Whyville and all the Whyville staff for doing such a great job.

But now to my point. I believe that this new "disease" (if different from Why-pox) will be an incredible experience for everyone. As well as the food being a factor in our Whyvillian lives, we will learn about nutrition, health, and what may happen if we don't eat right. These new qualifications for Whyville will make it unbelievably greater than what it is now -- and thus, I feel that many more people will sign up with us.

However, these changes seem to be causing chaos in this faux town. Whyvillians are scared of the future. They shouldn't be, because these new improvements are going to change the site for the better. If I may add, as soon as you're done with the improvements described in the newspaper article (food, disease, theme park and beach), can you please add some new games to get clams with??

Thank you for your time.


Editor's Note: I've noticed that in the history of our town, every time City Hall has added an activity, there's been a way to get clams out of it. Even the Why-Pox epidemic allowed active citizens a chance to increase their salaries, through the discussions on the bulletin boards at the Whyville CDC! I imagine there will be something similar with the nutrition activity. I hear it may even be something related to Akbar's Face Mall....



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