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Mind If I Ask a Question?

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Mind If I Ask a Question?

Guest Writer

Hey, this is B00TYBABE and I have some questions that I would like to have answered. Many Whyvillians want to know the answers, so here they go!

  1. How do I become a Times Writer or even a Guest Writer?

    Times Editor: All Whyville citizens are welcome to write for the Times. We can't promise that anyone will be published right away -- we get over 200 articles a week, many more fabulous pieces than we can publish! -- but we will read what anyone sends and give it full consideration.

    Once you've published 3 or 4 articles in the Times and become a "regular", you'll be considered for a Times Writer position.

  2. Whyville is the best place, I love it, but it is always busy. Is there another way besides Why-Passes?

    Times Editor: The Times has published innumerable explanations of Why-Passes and why they are necessary. The best such article was, of course, written by City Hall, back in April.

  3. Sometimes, when I log on Whyville, I can't see people's faces -- I just see a pink or blue box. Why?

    Times Editor: City Hall tells me this is likely a case of your computer needing to use more memory than it's got available right then. Either try reloading your browser or restarting your computer; if this happens to you often, you may want to upgrade your computer's RAM.

  4. I have been on for a long time, before Why-Passes, so can't I like get one free or something instead of a medal? (I mean, I did make Whyville live!)

    Times Editor: If our gratitude were money, we'd be rich and would happily give everyone free Why-Passes. We're all tremendously thankful to all our citizens, from the oldest veteran to the youngest visitor. But our company is so much on the edge -- spending much more money than we're getting in, all to keep Whyville open -- that we can't give Passes out for free. The most we can offer is Whyville's (hopefully) continuing existence.

  5. If I get someone to sponsor Whyville, what do I get?

    Times Editor: City Hall has said that if any citizen arranges for a company to sponsor an entire activity (or make a significant investment) in Whyville, that citizen will get a lifetime Why-Pass. Smaller sponsorships -- advertisements, for example -- will probably earn a multi-month Pass.

  6. Whyville is my second home, I just which people were nicer. Why are some people so rude?

    Times Editor: Now, if I knew the answer to that, I really would be rich!! :-)

Those are all my questions. People are always asking me these questions, and now they can have the real answers.

Bibi! B00TYBABE!



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