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Whyville Prom

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Whyville Prom

by Karra
Guest Reporter



Hi, this is Karra, and I'm sure most of you have heard about the Whyville Prom. I t is on May 27 at the Sportplatz. The times for it are:

7:00 pm Pacific Time
8:00 pm Mountain Time
9:00 pm Central Time
10:00 pm Eastern Time



*** Note from City Hall ***

This is the starting time proposed by Karra (yes, it was her idea!), but I've received Y-mail from some of you on the East Coast for whom this is a bit late. So, city workers will have the Sportplatz fully decorated and ready for the Prom as early as:

5:00 pm Pacific Time
6:00 pm Mountain Time
7:00 pm Central Time
8:00 pm Eastern Time

Those of you who can't wait till later, please feel free to show up early!


Some people just found out about it, but others have known of it from day one of the idea. I have been going around town asking Whyvillians what they think of it, and this is what I have been told.

First, I interviewed 11:

Karra: What have you heard about the Whyville Prom?
11: I know it's on May 27, and it's going to be at the Sportplatz.
Karra: Do you have a date for the Prom?
11: No, I don't want to go.
Karra: I see, do you like the idea of the Prom?
11: Sure, I guess.
Karra: Thanks for talking to me!

Next I interviewed christina:

Karra: What do you think about the Whyville Prom?
christina: Well, I think it is great for Whyville to have a big party everyone can come to. You can dress up and bring a date if you please.
Karra: Do you have a date?
christina: Well, yes, but I just found out I can't make it on that date.
Karra: So you can't come?
christina: No, but I'm not sure at the moment. A lot of peeps can't come because of the time. But the Prom will rock! Bye!
Karra: Bye, thanks for talking with me.

Finally, I interviewed HappyDap5:

Karra: What do you think of the Prom?
HappyDap5: I think it sounds fun.
Karra: Do you have a date?
HappyDap5: Yes, I'm going with SugarBeet.
Karra: Do you like the Prom idea?
HappyDap5: Yes!
Karra: What do you like about it?
HappyDap5: You get to dance and stuff!
Karra: Thanks! Bye!

I couldn't stop at three interviews, but hadn't much time. Here are what some other Whyvillians said:

It's kool!

I think it is very Kewl

It'll be a blast!


Can't wait for it!

Those were a few comments on the Prom. This has been your reporter, Karra. Have a nice day!


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