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Always a Happy Medium

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I have been following some of the debates recently, and I would like to make a comment. Several writers have gone off of topic and concentrated on humans consuming meat products. They assume that individuals who eat meat are harming animals.

In some cases, humans need meat products to survive. Most of you know this. Those people (who may be vegetarian) are lacking in iron or protein that easily found in meat. Therefore, they must make that up in different food items or take supplements such as pills.

Just because you eat meat does not mean you dislike animals. It is a choice, everyone! Being a vegetarian is a choice, eating meat is a choice. I admit that I eat meat and I have no problem with it. I also respect those individuals who choose to be vegetarian.

Think of the population of animals today. If no one ate meat, the population of animals would increase dramatically. If you think about it, the whole world is a complex set of several food webs. If you classify everyone in the world, you could divide them up into either a) producers or b) consumers. Producers create the food, whereas consumers eat the food. It is natural for human beings to consume meat products.

I believe that we need a referee observing some of these articles. Remember to respect other people's opinions. Try not to center someone out (like I have seen occurring several times). You cannot change someone else's opinion, and although someone may have a different opinion than you, that does not mean that it is not justified.

Fellow Animal Lover, and Meat Eater (ouch, don't I sound bad ;) )...




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