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Meat to Survive?

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Meat to Survive?

Guest Writer

Dear Editor and Whyvillians,

You really DON'T have to eat meat to survive. I haven't eaten meat in a year. I just got a blood test and everything was fine.

Take a cow. And another. They have a baby. The baby gets locked up in a tiny cage, not allowed to move. At the right age the cow is slaughtered; and you consider that right? Animals in the wild don't understand or know that they can eat other sources for protein, so that is what they do to survive. We as humans have many other sources of protein and iron to survive. There's bean products, tofu, and peanut products, just to name a few.

Now, I'm not saying veganism (that's vegetarians who don't eat or drink any dairy products at all) is the only way to live. I'm not vegan, myself. There's more protein and everything you need there in milk, yogurt, and cheese.

The main point I'm trying to make is that you don't need to kill to survive. (By the way, tofu isn't bad. It's MEANT to take on the flavor of whatever you cook it to be, whether that's chicken, steak, or even ice cream. It isn't bad at all.) Killing helpless animals doesn't make the phrase "survival of the fittest" true. Survival of the fittest would be humans finding a way to exist with animals without using their bodies and fur for our own benefit. Being the fittest equals being the smartest, not only the physically fittest. Open your minds to alternative methods.

Thank you so much!



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