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Tastebud-Tingling Good

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Tastebud-Tingling Good

Guest Writer

Hey all you Whyvillians! This is KweenB15 and I have a question for you!! How do you like your cheese?? Melted, sliced, grated? Sounds great, now doesn't it? How about processed? No thank you.

I was reading the articles written about the delectable ingredients put into food we all like to eat and was thoroughly disgusted. So I decided to do a little investigating myself to see just what is inside foods we eat everyday.

Here is my list of different foods and a few key ingredients you may find shocking, terrible and downright disgusting (see my great use of alliteration! My English teacher would be so proud right now! LoL)

First, I headed to the cupboard filled with treats we always eat! A package of delicious fruit flavored fruit-snacks... how would you like to eat some delicious wax. Not ear wax, silly! Beeswax and carnauba wax. Hmm... let's leave the beeswax for the lip gloss, please.

Mmm... a delicious package of pre-made pasta containing chicken fat. Yes, you heard me right, chicken fat! The gunk that comes out of a chicken. Oooh!!! And now, a nice, refreshing container of Sunny Delight... wait a minute! Vegetable oil! No thank you. I think I will stick to refreshing H20!

Well, enough of this cupboard business -- I don't think I need to see any more. Let's head to the refrigerator. Hmm. Mint jelly. Goes great with roast, brings out the flavour. But wait! This delicacy contains white vinegar. Something cannot be right there.

Ooohh, Miracle Whip, stuff that tastes great on burgers and sandwiches! Two key ingredients: egg yolks and dried garlic. I think I will take my egg yolks sunny side up and my garlic in bread. Last but not least, I came upon ranch salad dressing and found out that it, like Miracle Whip contains frozen egg yolk.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, all of this sounds just dandy, now doesn't it? Just makes you wanna make up a big meal. Well, not exactly. I hope you enjoyed this lovely showing-off of the "special" ingredients in foods we all love to eat! Hope this leaves your taste buds a-tingling!

This is KweenB15 signing off to get a snack! (Wax-free, of course!!)



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