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Special Focus: Who is Dr Leila? Part 3

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Special Focus: "Who is Dr. Leila?"
This is Part 3 of a 3 part series. Questions were submitted by jen, Marty B , uno, and jim.

      In last week's Special Focus article, I began a question-and-answer interview of Dr. Leila. This week I will finish the interview and the series; next week I will be talking with one of Whyville's resident economists about Whyville's new monetary system.

by cyrano joe
Times Staff

      Q: Hi, Dr. Leila. Last week, we asked you about how lava lamps work, and you mentioned that you were thinking of running a few experiments to test your ide as -- have you had any success?
      A: No, not yet. Originally I was thinking of combining oil and water and then oil and pancake syrup. Blecch, what a mess I made in my kitchen! And no results. But that's science... after one experiment fails, you keep on looking! In my quest to come up with a recipe, I found a lava lamp web site that suggests using a combination of mineral oil and a mixture of 90% and 70% isopropyl alcohol. I will try this, and maybe I'll write a small article for the Times about it, or post it on at BBS at my house. If anybody out there at Whyville has any ideas about how lava lamps work, please send me a note! I'm dying to find out!

      Q: Also last week, I asked you what you liked about Whyville, and now I'll ask, what do you think of Myville?
      A: Oh, I think Myville is great. I have some waterfront property there, but I haven't built anything interesting on it yet. I was thinking of asking a loc al artist to help me design it, do you think I could find anybody?

      Q: Who knows, maybe someone will write to you and volunteer... or maybe you could make it into a contest?
      A: They both sound like a good ideas. I'll talk with Marty Buildenhammer about setting up a contest, if I don't get any mail from any Whyville artists.

      Q: That leads us to another question: when it comes to designing your house, what would your favorite color be?
      A: Definitely lavender. No question.

      Q: And speaking of favorites, what's your favorite kind of music?
      A: Well, I love all kinds of music, although currently I've been listening to a lot of Latin American dance music. It kind of goes with the dance classes I've been taking recently.

      Q: Dance classes, huh? What else do you do in your free time?
      A: Free time? What's that?? (laughing) No, really, I get out a little bit, and so I take dance classes, and I sing with a choir, and I do yoga. Oh, and I'm also an amateur artist, which is why I like my house and Whyville so much -- it's all so beautifully drawn and everything!

      Q: So, singing, dancing, yoga, science, artist, writing... what else do you do?
      A: Well, to tell you the truth, I don't really like writing all that much. What I really like doing is being able to share with kids (or anybody else that reads my column) my sense of wonder about the world and the universe around us. I think kids naturally have that feeling about how cool nature is, but some adults lose it and others just learn to hide it. I hope I don't!!

      Q: I hope so too. Well, Dr. Leila, we need to wrap up this interview; is there anything else you'd like to say to everybody out in Whyville?
      A: Yeah, hey, stay cool, everybody!


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