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Keeping Secrets!

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Keeping Secrets

by Cubone13
Guest Columnist

For the first time in whyville I saw someone warning someone because they asked for something and got it and couldn't face the truth. The reason was because of a secret. I know for ages people have been keeping secrets, but this was the first time I'd ever seen it cause a fight! People were warning each other over one person who wasn't even in the room.

I know everyone has secrets and they just gotta tell someone, but everyone make sure you tell the right person. A person who won't blab out your secrets. I know many people whom this has happened to, including me. Right now in this article I'm going to tell you a story about secrets and keeping them. Here it goes:

One day I was logging on to Whyville and there was about six people in the Square. Then a person came in (I will not give out their name) saying they had a secret about someone. Well, Karra was dying to know going: "c'mon spill it!". So that person told them the secret. Then Karra was absolutely enraged saying it wasn't true and she shouldn't have told her that. So she and someone else started warning that person so that person left. Then I stood up and expressed my opinion by saying that it was Karra's fault for wanting to know and if it was a secret she shouldn't have asked to know. Then Helen agreed with me. Then Karra and sixrock started to warn everyone who didn't agree with them!

How unfair is that?????

Now I just wanted to tell you that story to teach you not everyone can keep secrets that well so be very careful whom you tell your secrets to!

Signing off,


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