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SAT Preparation

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SAT Preparation

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Lorle's recent article about the SAT's got me thinking. Most of you who take the SAT's will most likely have a good amount of preparation for it. I mean, I certainly did. The PSAT is one of the greatest kinds of preparation. It's a smaller version of the SAT's that people (at least where I live, I don't know about everywhere) can take. I took it the past two years in school, and learned that is really helped... a LOT!

By the time everyone reaches their junior year in high school, grade 11, it is a pretty good time to start signing up to take the SAT. Most of you probably aren't even near that age, but that's ok. At least you know in advance. My school offers numerous seminars to prepare for the PSAT and SAT and in our English classes, during certain times of the year, we take many practice tests to learn more vocabulary and analogies.

Also, in my seventh grade year, I took the SAT's (it was a special program for people who were selected). I would advise everyone to check out what your school has to offer. If you're in high school, and nearing the time to take the SAT, go to your counselor's office and they should have information about it. If not, go to www.collegeboard.com and you can find out dates, times, and even register on-line for the SAT. Also, you can take even more practice tests there and/or download a program that tells you where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Also, just to let you know, there's another test called the ACT, which is very similar to the SAT, but has a different grading system and offers a different subject content. I've never taken this test, so I can't help you much there, sorry. But many colleges do look at both SAT and ACT scores, if you have both.

Well, that's about all I have to say on this subject. G'bye!



Editor's Note: I'm curious, do schools in Canada use the SAT, or a different "college preparation" test?



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