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Who Is Frances Rain?

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Who Is Frances Rain?

by moonbaby
Times Critic

To all book fans:

This is a book review on the book 'Who is Frances Rain?'. It is about a 15-year-old girl named Lizzie who visits her grandma Terry in the summer.

She explores the island near her grandma's house, and finds a pair of spectacles. Surprisingly, when she puts these spectacles on, she can see ghosts.

She sees Frances Rain with a mysterious young girl, about 10 years old. She is very interested, so she and her boyfriend Alex try to find out who Frances Rain is, and why is she still on Earth?

At the end, Lizzie discovers who Frances Rain and the mysterious girl was, and it turns out that they related to her! You'll have to read the book to find out who exactly they are. This is a fantastic book, which I recommened to girls ages 12-15. I think you will all enjoy it, especially at the end!

This is moonbaby saying goodbye and god bless! Peace!


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