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It's a bit belated news, but CNN Headline News ran a special one-minute news bite on our very own Whyville all last week. Thanks to the MediaWiz for hooking us up with this opportunity!

Have you heard? With the continuing growth of our fair city, City Hall has ordered a new special for Why-Passes. Calling it the Midsummer's Why-Pass Sale, the City Workers have dropped the monthly price by a buck, bringing the price of two months to \$8.

The last time I went to the movies, I paid \$9.50 for the ticket -- and that was just for two hours of sit-and-watch entertainment. Seems to me the Why-Pass for two months is a better deal.

That said, I have to wonder what's up at City Hall. The changes in Y-mail, the addition of the Safety Patrol, the article in the Los Angeles Times... all these things are a lot of fun, but when's the next game or new chat room coming out?

I asked City Hall about this over lunch and she just smiled and said, "Keep your eye on the forest. You never know where it might lead..." Cryptic as always, isn't she?

I dug a little deeper, and finally got City Worker mark to admit, "Okay, okay!! It's the Why-Passes! The more people buy, the more we can afford to make it!" I tried to get him to tell me what they were making, but I guess the full nelson I had him in made him black out. (Just kidding!)

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and remember Why-Passes next time you go to the movies! What's worth more to you? And why?

Times Editor



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