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A Kinder Heart

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A Kinder Heart

Guest Writer

Hey everybody, it's LukeG here and I'm writing in response to Sari's article.

When I come into a section of Whyville with a lot of people in it, I sometimes have a few people, oldies and newbies, ask me out or ask for a few clams. To the people who ask me out I just say: sorry, I'm taken. And to the people asking for clams, depending on their situation, I may give them some or kindly say no.

I don't know why some people are so harsh to other people, just look at it from their point-of-view. How would you like it if you asked your parents for some candy, then they came back at you with a remark like: "You raise your own salary, we don't just give things away, you'll have to get a job and buy them for yourself!" That is a little more harsh than parents should be.

Some of us are unable to complete the games, and it is tough finding help (there is a cheat site, but its name will not be released). Now, my friend, on Whyville and in real life, too, is extremely harsh to newbies and beggars (you know who you are, and that's why your're always taped. =)

But I don't see why it is so hard to just nicely say no.

All the kind-heated people who help newbies and poor people, I salute you.



Guest Writer

Hey everyone! Can't get into Whyville, so I decided to write an article. I hope this gets in because I think it's really important: why won't people be nice to newbies? So many people are just mean to newbies, just because they don't know as much. Everyone was a newbie once. Everyone! I'm sure some people think, "Well, everyone was mean to me, so I should be mean to them!"

But wouldn't it be nice if some day, everyone was nice to newbies, and helped them? Wouldn't it be wonderful if Whyville was always a nice, helping community? I mean, think about, it, if it was a newbie's first day and they went to Whyville Square, and everyone greeted them, and maybe sent them a few clams, the person would be REALLY happy! They would probably go play games to get a lot of money, and then go and spend it in YOUR shops. They would spend tons of money since we had made them so happy -- they might even buy Why-Passes! And guess what, Whyvillians, spending money helps Whyville a lot! If everyone spends a lot of money, everyone gets in Whyville!

So, please, even if newbies don't know much and are annoying, help them anyway! You're helping Whyville!

This is Jill390, gotta go help some newbies, bye!



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