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Bribers and Beggars

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Bribers and Beggars

Guest Writer

This is ItsMyYard speaking and saying that I think City Hall should banish all of these bribers and beggars.

Now, I don't care if bribers and beggars on Whyville read this and disagree, don't mail me cursing and saying I'm wrong. I mean, get real, you all know I'm right. I go to the petitions in City Hall, and almost every single one says 'sign this petition for 5,000,000 clams' or 'sign this to go out with me'. This is all dumb. And I'm glad City Hall doesn't respond to these bribers or beggars. It's stupid -- I mean, what's the point of offering clams to people?

Oh, and bribers and beggars aren't the only stupid people, the people that sign those petitions are dumb, too. Come on! Why is someone going to give someone clams for signing their petition? I mean, don't you people understand that they're only saying that they're going to give you clams so you will sign their petition?

Ok, now that I'm done with bribers, let's move on to the beggars. I was looking in the poll results and saw something really stupid. It was someone wanting City Hall to give out 10,000 clams to everyone every five minutes! On top of that, he said he wanted a beach, bank, restaurant, and more games... and to make himself look even stupider, he said he would give anyone who signed his petition clams. Get real, that's the last thing City Hall would do. Why did you think that would work, why did you bother? Ok, that's all for now. I'll be righting more stuff in the Times sometime.

(Oh, and if you're going to disagree with this article and want to send me an y-mail, go ahead, just use acceptable language in your y-mail. Thanks.)




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