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Old School Style Cash

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Old School Style Cash

Times Writer

I am so happy. I get to go see a woman get married in the WWE (yes, I know it used to be the WWF) ring. What fun, don't ya think? But that is still a week away! (And another sad fact about me is that I'm a little on the mental side!) But enough about me!

One thing I like to do on Whyville is search the archives section of the Times. You a learn a whole barrel of flour of things (did you know that is actually 196 pounds?). Well, a while back I learned that Whyville used to make money another way!

Now, this might cause a few comments to City Hall, but you know, I am willing to risk it. When I started doing some research about The Whyville Times, I stumbled over an article (well, actually it's two articles, I realize now) about a way that Whyville used to make money. I didn't think much of it then, but now that people are supporting the idea of sponsors, and I realized that this was an idea!

Whyville sold real-life T-shirts!

So, I wanna know what happened! I mean, now that Whyville is looking for ways to make money, shouldn't they continue selling T-shirts? People who wouldn't be willing to pay for a Why-pass might consider buying a T-shirt because this is something a little more real, that you can use in real life, and never real expires, I mean unless of course you grow out of it.

Well, now, I'm sorry to inform you that I really could care less for the design on the T-shirts that Whyville used to sell. So I would like to propose two things for making more money.

  1. Make the T-shirts in different styles. (Example -- T-Shirts, Tank tops, long sleeved, etc...)
  2. Because I said that I really didn't like the design of the old shirts, I think we should have design contest! Citizens would be allowed to submit a design, that they think it appropriate, and if there was more then one winner, we would be able to choose the design we wanted!

And the last thing I would like to mention in this Article is that a while ago I was a member of Neopets.com. They had sold T-shirts over the internet for a while, through an online supplier. I went to check who their supplier was today, and discovered that they now sell an entire line of neopets stuff at Limited Too and there is a lot of demand. Maybe Whyville could work it's way up to something like that...?

Anyway, I think I've ranted on long enough, but if you think that you would like see something like this on Whyville, make sure that you let City Hall know that there is a demand, and maybe write an article to the Times! This is Giggler01, and I swear that there is no peace and quiet around here!


Note from City Hall: Yes indeed, we did try selling T-shirts, quite some time ago. Fact is, though, we only sold five of them! Do you think citizens would be a bit more interested now than before? It would take quite a bit of effort to find a company to make the shirts for us, to make a design (especially if you want something fancy), to program it all into our store and everything. We would love to be able to share Whyville with everyone, but we need to know if people really would buy them! For starters, would people buy a T-shirt with the Whyville logo on it? How about baseball caps? Email City Management if you're interested!



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