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The Thing Is...

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The Thing Is...

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You see all the races and the work they HAD to put into it, so why complain?

Howdy all, this is Gone142, writing an article in response to WhyPuppy's article in the Times last week. WhyPuppy's article was about how going backwards to cross the finish line in the SmartCar races isn't cheating. Now, I totally agree with this! I did it a couple of times, but it is still really, really hard to turn that car around on the two tracks that you can race on with this form; they are the Gasoline Alley and the Wiggly Wag.

I don't think it's cheating because it's racing, it's still fun, and just like doing the whole track, some people can do it and some people can't! So complaining isn't going to stop it, protesting isn't going to stop it -- City Hall has to stop it, and I'm sure they've already noticed this Form Of Racing. Really, that's all it is a Form Of Racing! I read last week's paper and all it was about was racing, racing and even more racing. It's crazy, we should (even me , I'm talking about it ) leave this subject "B".

If you don't like it, then try it yourself, I think in the end you will like it because it is easier, and at least you can only do it on two tracks! LoLz.

When you think about it, you had to learn how to complete the tracks, so like this form of racing you have to work at learning how to do it -- you have to understand that this is racing at it's best! And if you think it's an advantage to us older Whyvillians who have raced a little longer, it's not! I'm still trying to get it down pat.

I'm in 6th place in the Top Ten in SmartCar racing at the time that I am writing this article, and the driving backwards method hasn't helped me at all, it makes me sometimes lose races. Racing has made Whyville "Life" much more exciting and way more fun! So try racing out, and if you come across this form, you're going to see the other side of it, the good side, the side most people complain about...

So here's Gone142 signing off again after an article I loved writing, and hoping you guys like it too!



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