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Human Disease

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Human Disease

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Hi, it's bettyjoe here once again. You see, I got this idea from a commercial... but I don't think many people take this seriously, so here I go.

Sarah. She loves to walk her dog and take care of her children. She is such a loving mother! Once at Christmas time, her kids wouldn't get to sleep so that "Santa" could come... so, being the mother she was, she read to them half the night... to 3 small children, excited for Christmas morning. And then the time that little Johnny had to go to the doctors, but he cried. She held his hand with him all the way through. Sarah has been a devoted wife for 45 years, and though her children are way past grown, she loves them and her grandchildren dearly. She will never let a thing bother them, ever. She would protect them and her husband and closest friends with her life. When Sarah worked in the office, she was the best worker there, but that had nothing to compare with her love for her children.

So what do you think about Sarah? She's wonderful, huh? Well, read on....

When Sarah goes to places outside their home, people stare at her, flock away. She acts a little different. She has Parkinson's disease. And to her, she isn't even sick.

What is SICK is if your opinion of her changed. She is still all that was above, but because of a flaw in the outside of her, no one sees the inside. This is so painful to see. I'll be talking with my friends, and then they'll make fun of someone perfectly fine, all because the person looks a bit different. Please, get to know the person on the inside first.

What if you had a best friend -- they were a pen pal that your parents or teachers set you up with. You'd never met them before. But you have soo much in common with them. But when you meet them, they are in a wheelchair. What would you do? Or would you act like you always do?

If this is hard for you to imagine, let me tell you, it can be hard to handle in real life. That happened to me. I got a pen pal through my church. We got to know each other very well. When we did meet, I found out that she had a problem with her legs since she was young. But to me, that didn't matter. When she went to the front of the service that day, she talked about it. It nearly made me cry. Yet, she asked for no sympathy. That's what I didn't give her. I treated her exactly the same because I knew the inside of her first. I didn't tease her or give her unwanted sympathy. I nearly cried because I felt that I could never do what she did.

I guess what I want to say is that you should get to know the person on the inside before you judge them. You wouldn't want anyone to do otherwise to you.

"I'm not crazy, I only do what my Rice Crispies(tm) tell me to do."

P.S. If anyone had that line first, I didn't mean to steal it, LoL.



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