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Spanish? Girl? What!?

Hello, this is Gone142, asking a question. There's just one simple happening that I want to ask about. I hope I get a response from either City Hall or the Editor. First, I should tell you about my question.

When you go into Whyville there is always a screen with news and events about Whyville. One day, I read the screen and it said something about 'if you're a Spanish girl and want to be interviewed about Whyville on television with a webcam' or something. I was wondering, what is this about?

I know Whyville is getting really, really popular, but I didn't think it would come to television! I might be wrong, but I think Whyville might get some notice, and we might get some sponsors if we go on television! I think I'm just a little too imaginative today, no one even answered the question yet! So someone could you please add an answer to my article. Please?!

Editor's Note: A Spanish-speaking station in Los Angeles contacted us after reading about Whyville in the Los Angeles Times -- they asked if they could interview a Whyville girl about what it's like being a citizen of our town! Very exciting stuff... so email city-management\@whyville.net if you speak Spanish and are a member of Whyville!


Guest Writer

Morning, fellow Whyville citizens! OoreganoO here!

Today when I went to print out the Y-pass form, I noticed something! Instead of just the normal 1 month pass and 6 month pass, added at the top was a 2 month pass Midsummer Sale!

Two months! 60 days!

Me? I just usually order a new 1 month pass every month. I thought about buying the 2 month, but then decided not to -- don't ask me why! Ok, well, I just wanted to let you know there is a new 2 month pass! Only \$8.00 U.S. dollars. Any way, it's time for breakfast.

This is OoreganoO, signing out!


Times Writer

Youthful Vision

It was a celebration of faith and religion as thousands of people from across the globe flocked to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to celebrate World Youth Day 2002.

World Youth Day was composed of 11 official days of events that started, in Toronto, from July 18 and continued to July 28. It is estimated that as many as 250,000 young people from all parts of the World showed up at Toronto to witness the spectacular events and to catch a glimpse of the Pope himself.

The Pope addressed several issues on his visit, mainly ethical and moral questions facing both Catholics and non-Catholics. However, even if you weren't Christian, you could still join in on the festivities. People were finding all kinds of different ways to celebrate. And although I was not in Toronto to witness the events first-hand, I did follow it on television. It seemed like a joyous celebration. World Youth day is known internationally and broadcast in several different languages around the world.

Until next time,

Hoping that you have a very pleasant summer. =)



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