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All These Changes

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All These Changes
Are they truly for the better?

Guest Writer

I have been in Whyville for a little over six months and even though I am not an oldbie, in my time as a citizen of Whyville, several changes have taken place. I watched in amazement as the bus driver took off all of her thick winter clothing and as the ice in the playground melted away; I watched as faces of designers appeared and vanished in Akbar's; and now, I watch as the mailbox, map and waiting room are updated (thought to be for the better).

Despite the never-ending petitions on how we wanted change in the waiting room, I never actually thought that alteration would be made. But one morning, after attempting to log in and failing, I found myself in an upgraded waiting room. Instead of just one page, there were numerous ones, one entitled "Whyville Lounge". Once in that area, we were able to enter Whyville as a guest and go explore as if it were our first five days of Whyville where we weren't able to chat. Also tucked away in that room were the newspaper and the map.

Although these changes were meant to be for the better, at first I had trouble locating the map and the newspaper. Also, there isn't anything too special that we couldn't do before. Even prior to these changes, we could go on Whyville as a guest just as, if not more, easily. We couldn't play any games, though -- but still, playing them in the waiting room doesn't help us until we take what we've learned and play again after we've gotten in.

Right before the map was updated, I had found a way to figure out when I to attempt to sign into Whyville. The method I used was to see how many people were in Whyville at the moment, and if there were less than 150, I would have a pretty good chance of being let in. But to my dismay, once the map was changed, it not only did not say exactly how many people were in each location, but it didn't say how many were in Whyville altogether. I personally think that if they were going to change anything about the map, it would be to make it more clear and to label which area was what.

Once last change that I would like to speak about is the mailbox. Now, unlike the other changes I have mentioned, I think that this change was a good one. I absolutely love how we can delete more than one message and a time and I am glad that we can 911 report someone because of a threatening y-mail.

I know that this was a long article, so I just want to thank you for being patient and reading my article. ;-)

This is Pinkgal23, signing off!

byez! *click*


Note from City Hall: We had to change the map for a couple reasons. We had to get rid of the numbers because they were actually causing a lot of difficulties with our computers.

They were also confusing a lot of people -- they kept asking about how the numbers worked, how they added up, and why they were what they were. When we let about 160 people in, people asked for 180. We got a new server and increased to 200, and now people are complaining and asking why we don't make it 220.

It was just taking up a lot of our computer resources and our staff time, when instead we could be serving more people and working on new fun things for Whyville.

That's why we had to change the map. I'm sorry, but I hope you can understand.



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