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Patrol Truths

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Patrol Truths

Whyville Safety Patrol

Well, first off, I'm going to try and make this short, sweet, and quick to the point. I have noticed a lot of people not liking the idea of having the Whyville Patrol, because they think that we(yes, I am part of the Patrol) will silence, or ban innocent people from Whyville, or have them punished for no real reason, etc. Well, being part of the Patrol, I'd like to clear a few things up.

First off, we are NOT able to Punish you: we merely report you, like any other Whyvillian would. Here is a quote From the Why-mail: "This tool generates a special report to the City Workers, and your report will be dealt with at the highest priority, because we trust that you must be alerting us to a very critical situation" We CANNOT in anyway what-so-ever punish you, it's the City Workers who do the punishing.

I have heard there is Power in Knowledge so I'm going to explain how we... umm... Patrol! Basically, I just talk with my friends and sit around, reading other people's bubbles, too (no, we can't read your whispers). If I see something that fits the requirements, I'll report it. The Patrol report works just like the normal report: you double click on the person, and listed under the regular report, "Patrollers have Patrol Report" (don't remember what it's specifically called...). I'm pretty sure that it's the same form as the regular report, but I have not had any need to use it yet.

Well, thanks for reading. And I hope this clears up a few things. If you have any other questions, please contact a Why-Mail Helper or a Patrol Person (hint, hint *points at self*).

*stomach growls* Well, Time to go Raid the Fridge! =D Buh Bye!


Your still reading? Come on now! Shoo!! Outta here! LoL!!



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