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Time to Log Out

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Time to Log Out

Guest Writer

One day while I was reading the Whyville Times (when I couldn't get into Whyville), I came across an interesting article. The Whyvillian writer had expressed a concern that she thought some people were staying logged on to Whyville for a very long time. She thought they most likely were staying logged on but weren't actually at their computers -- they were doing this to ensure that they could get back on when they returned to their computers.

City Management responded to her article by informing her and others that, after a period of time, about three hours more or less, a person who has been idle will be kicked off of Whyville by the Whyville servers.

A thought popped into my head after reading the article. When I leave Whyville, I have found that it has been faster -- instead of clicking log out -- to exit Whyville by just closing all the windows that involve Whyville. I wrote to City Management asking if closing these windows accomplished the same task as clicking log out. This was their response:

    "Usually, no, closing the window does not mean you are logged out, not until our computers decide you've been idle long enough and do it automatically, which usually takes a few hours."

I interviewed a few fellow Whyvillians to see what they do to log out.

Luvhope: When you guys log out of Whyville, do you press the log out button or do you just close the windows?

DramaQen4: Just close the windows.

ExCiTiNg: Just close the windows.

Funnybug: Log out.

Roxygirl: I just exit the internet.
Roxygirl: I do file then quit.

Quinnci: Log out button.

Pinkivy: The log out button.

I know how much it annoys fellow Whyvillians when, instead of getting to the bus screen, we get to the lounge and are told there are too many people on Whyville at the moment. And from City Management's response, I gather that when citizens do not press log out to exit Whyville, then the servers believe they are still on Whyville, which means more of us see the waiting room than have to.

Half of the people that I interviewed say that they don't press the log out button. So it is likely that almost half of the total population of Whyville don't press it either. I would like to encourage Whyvillians from now on to press the log out button when exiting Whyville, so more people can log on and enjoy our wonderful city.

I would also like to thank the citizens that I interviewed for their cooperation and participation. Thanx so much. 0 : )




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