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Coming to an End

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Coming to an End

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Not only is summer coming to an end, but so is Whyville for a lot of my friends. All I notice these days are lies and quitting around my group of friends.

Nothing's really the same anymore. That's why I want to share with you one of my ideas. Tradition.

I want to grow up -- because we all know one day we won't all be on Whyville. I will try my hardest to be on for a long time, but it's not going to be forever. So tradition is what I bring here today, as I write from my heart. I was thinking, maybe when I grow up I should share this website with my future children. Nowadays my friends aren't really here anymore. A couple here and there, but not all of them like when I first started.

And then I came to thinking, well maybe me and my friends need some new friends. So we want to fix up the newbies. The people who want help. The people who see us and want to look like us and fit in somewhere. So now my new plan, I guess, is spreading the message of Whyville. To members or not, for all to get the most out of Whyville!

Well, this is hop3less, signing off!

P.S. And if I do accomplish my goal, I wonder, will Whyville still be here?


Note from City Hall: To your P.S., I certainly hope to be here to see you grow up, see your friends, kids, grandkids, and onwards... :-)



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