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The Return of the Monarchy

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The Return of the Monarchy

Times Writer

As you all know, no countries are actually governed by monarchies anymore. Well, hardly any. And if they are, it's totally old-fashioned. So why is the Why-Kingdomship back?

Before, I was actually part of the whole thing. I, Merchant, was declared a bodyguard. It was pretty weird, I must say. Secret meetings in the Why-House, and the "rules of governing a town". I mean, really. Like the Why-Kingdomship EVER had any say in what happened in Whyville.

Still, it was all good, clean fun back in the day. This was about six months ago. I thought everyone had forgotten that there had ever been a so-called monarchy in Whyville, and all of us in the old club were pretty embarrassed that we had ever been in such a thing.

But now, miraculously, it's back! The other day I went into the Playground and saw all these people with crowns on. I was all, "Uh, what's going on here?"

How can people just declare themselves better than the rest of us? I thought we all learned from the last Kingdomship club that it was stupid and had no point. Nobody wants someone to rule over them... but everyone wants to rule over someone else. Get my point? Idiocy at its best, that's what it is! Haha.

If you are new to Whyville or just totally clueless on the whole Kingdomship thing, I suggest you check out Astro25's article on the issue. Just so you all know, the Kingdomship Club is not endorsed or sponsored by the founders of Whyville. They are not city workers. I would know, I used to be one of the monarchy.

I'm out!



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