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Things have certainly been hopping here in Whyville this week! As most of you have probably noticed, our very own Intrepid Explorer, Slim (an old hiking buddy of Bigfoot Bill), finally broke through the brush and brambles surrounding the Whyville Beach! Here's what City Hall had to say:

    With hair tangled in bush sunflower (Encelia california), shards of coast goldenbush (isocoma menziessi) and monkey flower (Mimulus aurantiacus) sticking to his shirt and pants, golden yellow (Eriophyllum confertiflorum) between his toes, and mycorrhizal fungi on the bottom of his feet, our intrepid explorer Slim The Bushwhacker has FINALLY made it to the Whyville beach!!


    He could not have successfully completed his great path-finding expedition without help from all the Whyvillians who bought a WhyPass.

    We hope you join Slim in his celebration of success at the WHYVILLE BEACH!! To visit the beach, take the Taxi.

    Slim is also interested in ideas from Whyvillians on where to explore next -- after, of course, he takes a shower and does some laundry.

The discovery of the beach also signifies the success of the Midsummer Why-Pass Sale, which will be wrapping up in the next week or so. Because *you* showed your support of Whyville, you got that beach you've been rallying for!

In addition, our programmers have been working tirelessly all summer to made a million little improvements around town. You may not have notied them all, but the end result is that Whyville now runs better than 25% faster than it did last month. That means more than 25% more citizens can get into Whyville.

How was this possible? Well, we couldn't pay our programmers if citizens didn't buy Why-Passes. Thanks to you, and to all our citizens who have helped encourage sponsors, investors, teachers and families to all come together in support of Whyville!

Next week, Bigfoot tells me he's got yet another reward in store for us: t-shirts!

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