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Back to School: Getting in the Groove

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Back to School: Getting in the Groove

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Hey, Bettyjoe here. Well, it has come to that time now! Summer, near to over. Finished in a few days, and then it's back to those long hours of sitting in stuffy classrooms for days on end. But, contrary to the bad sides of all this, we are getting our brains back in gear. So here are some good tips to avoid messing up the first month or so back at school.

Clean up around your house, a few days before school actually begins. This way, when you wake up early in the wee morning hours, it will be easier to move around and get everything you need to get yourself to school on time. While you are doing this, go and find yourself an area that you can have for a desk or a table that you will designate for studying later. Contrary to my PSAT habits, it is not good to have these places on the floor, a bed, or at a cluttered desk that may already have a computer. You need a wide space for all your books and other papers that you will be using.

Also make sure that you have ALL the supplies that you need for every class. It is easier for elementary students, but for those of you in high school, I suggest looking at your time tables and writing a list of the things that you need for each class. This assures that you will have that geometry set for that math test. This may sound boring, but if you don't get it at the beginning, then you usually forget until you really badly need it, like in the middle of a test or quiz.

Next, get more sleep. For the first few days or maybe even weeks of school, go to bed a bit earlier so that you are well rested after staying up all summer long without sleep. And eat a healthy breakfast of FOOD of anything. DONT skip out on breakfast, or you will do worse in school.

Now try a few of these things, hopefully to help you along the way and get you set for the first weeks of school. Now go ahead and get some rest, I know you have to be awake early tomorrow. ;)




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