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Start of a New School Year

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Start of a New School Year

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I'm still sleeping in every day and basking in the sun... but just this week I was hit with a realization! Summer is almost over!

ChinaDawl here once again, brooding over the thought of school! One day, my mom dragged me to the grocery store to help her do the shopping. The usual books and toy aisles passed by. I was minding my own business when all of a sudden I came face to face to a intimidating sign. The letters jumped out and I just about freaked out right there in the middle of the store. "Back to school!" AHHHHH! NO!

It can't be! No, I refuse to believe that my precious summer has already flown by! It seems as if school just ended two weeks ago! How could two months already have gone by? *Sigh* I swear, sometimes life is so unfair!

Of course, it isn't all bad. I admit, I sort of miss having an excuse to see all my friends at school. Sometimes when I'm lounging around on my couch watching daytime soaps (which I majorly hate), I wish I were at school... it might seem strange, but it sure beats being bored! But then, when it finally comes time to go to school, you are psyched for maybe the first week and then you're thinking how far away winter break seems!

This year will be different for me, though. I'm excited for school! There is a good reason! Many of us in Whyville will be going into high school at this time (although the L.A. Times said that our average age is between 10-14, a lot of us are 14 or older) and I am one of those that are going to be stepping into high school this fall. Of course, I have the jitters, hoping that I'll make a lot of new friends and still stay friends with my elementary buds. Hopefully I'll get all the awesome teachers and they won't be so harsh on us.

As I get closer and closer to that inevitable day, I get more nervous. Pretty soon, I'll have to go buy some school supplies, which will make me more depressed, but of course I'll always perk up while I'm getting new clothes for school!

I suppose everything has the good and the bad. I still haven't made up my mind whether going back to school is awesome or if I should dread it. I know some of my friends are excited and others are bummed out.

*Sigh* I suppose I'll never have an answer. Although I will totally miss going on awesome vacations, being able to sleep in everyday, and going on Whyville 24/7 (LoL!), school will be a welcome sight. I'll be happy to see my friends and be able to meet new people.

Well, I guess I'll leave you to think about it for yourself. Enjoy buying those school supplies and clothes. =) I know I'll enjoy the clothes part!

Still debating whether I like the idea of going back to school,




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