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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

A whole slew of new stuff has arrived in Whyville this week. Hold on to your hats:

A brand new section of town has sprung up -- Sector Y, Whyville's new factory district. At long last, the Face Factory finally has a home. Check out the Face Factory's new digs, and on your way there, stop by at the Y-Ad Agency, just across the street.

The Ad Agency is where you can buy an advertisement to help promote all those fancy face parts you've been designing. If you buy an ad, a PLANE will fly it over Whyville Square for all to see!

If you want to buy an ad, but you're low on cash, you might want to cash in some of those exotic foreign coins you've collected on the Treasure Hunt. The Currency Exchange is now open! Look for it in the Whyville Airfield Terminal.

And that's not all: due to popular demand, a new filtering feature has been added to Whyville. Many of you have written City Hall complaining about the foul language that is sometimes heard around town. The default filter will get rid of the most common nasty words, but the neat thing is that you can add on to this list as you see fit!

If you prefer to confront the nasties, you can even turn off the filter as well. Check it out by clicking on the "personal info & preferences" link under Whyville Square, and send us some feedback. This feature will be evolving in the next few weeks, so you can be a part of the improvement process!

And let me not forget to highlight this week's articles: contributors include SugarBeet, Tech-Girl, Rakishi Jr, shelly1, (let me catch my breath) coolpig, MCBear, smilegirl, and hbsweets. DanceGurl brings us the voting poll for Prom King & Queen, and Lois Lee reveals the winners of our Twister Fish Contest.

What a load of stuff! Let's have some fun, folks!

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