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Ahoy hoy! (Sorry Link123, I just couldn't resist, it was SO tempting.) This is Giggler01 trying to put up with her dysfunctional family. (And not so successfully either...) In my usual way of "coping" I have sat down at my computer and am writing to you all.

Before I sat down to write, I had a talk with TIKE, whom I haven't chatted with since I left for camp two weeks ago. Of course, being the two that we are, the latest Times edition came into our conversation. And it turns out we feel the same way about the same things. I can think of a couple of other people who feel the same way, but I will leave their names out of this.

You will have noticed by now (most likely) that the Whyville Times has been changing. As Whyville grows, you can't really not expect our paper to grow, especially with all of the publicity Whyville is getting. Being one of the major things in Whyville (along with the Waiting Room), the Times has grown considerably over the last little while. But is it really for the good of Whyville-kind?

I feel, along with some other people, that the Times has actually stepped down a notch in quality. Instead of reading a couple of articles on a certain subject, you can 9 or 10. That's great, isn't it?

Not in my opinion.

Each section is only updated every couple of weeks (or months). All in all, it seems like you get less out of it. All of the same articles in a certain section seem to send out the same basic message: yes or no. Can't that be summed up in the two best articles, maybe three? Do you really need an entire section?

Further more, of all the articles that aren't published in sections, few seem to hold my attention. Maybe it's because longer articles seem to be more informative. Lots of the articles published have been one or two paragraphs long. Maybe it's just that I don't care to read things that I've already read about, and formed my own opinion towards. Maybe I'm just plain apathetic, and just don't care. But that isn't the kind of person that I am.

Call me bitter if you will. I don't feel the way I do because I haven't been getting published as much lately. Reading the Times is just as fun as writing articles, or at least it used to be. Besides, I've only ever written an article for myself. Not in a selfish manner, but in a way that only I can influence my writing.

And Mr. Editor, well, I'm not criticizing you. I understand that you have the power to publish this paper in the manner you wish. But, I believe that this newspaper is strongest only when made up of its citizens. What do Whyville citizens think of all of your sections?

I don't think that the Times is lacking quality articles. I just think that the right ones aren't getting published, let alone in the right places. Controversial as this may be, why don't you write an article about how you feel towards this newer paper? Is it really better?

Slightly dysfunctional,
But still with her wits about her,


Editor's Note: As always, a persuasive article, Giggler01. For now, I stand by the editorial choices I have made -- sections, though updated rarely, still allow more voices to be heard on particular topics than ever before. You may feel that they often support only one side or another, but the articles I've published have, to my eye, carried a rainbow of opinions, if only in ever-so-slightly differing shades. You're certainly welcome to your convictions, and if many citizens write in with similar concerns, I will of course reconsider our format.



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