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Times Editor! Times Editor!

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Times Editor! Times Editor!

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Heya, this is Gone142 writing an article once again. This time my article will be about how stressful and hard it must be for the Times Editor to edit and make this newspaper. I think the Times Editor needs help. Now, now, Editor, don't think that I'm saying you aren't any good or anything. You are the most and bestest Editor I have ever known. You're probably not going to publish this, but it's worth a try! LoLz.

So, what I was thinking about is, maybe one of the City Hall workers could help you, Editor, because you must be stressed out and all. Also, it would make the paper better then ever! You would have more time to edit the articles instead of the new paper being one or two days late. Finally, we wouldn't have to wait. It would be great.

Maybe, just maybe this could happen, what do you think Whyville? Wanna? What do you think Editor? Wanna? It would be better to have two instead of one we wouldn't have to wait and surely we could make more people interested in writing articles.

OK, I think this is enough, I just wanted to share an idea of mine. :) BYE BYE!


Editor's Note: Thanks for the support! Fact is, I *do* get a little help, from cyranojoe, Bigfoot Bill, and even occasionally City Hall. They all have their own responsibilities, but they give me some time every week -- there's no possible way I could publish such a huge newspaper without them!

A long time ago, I had a part time assistant editor, but when money got tight around here, we couldn't keep him, so he had to move on. It would be lovely to have a honest-to-goodness editorial staff. Someday...! Until then, I hope you'll continue to have patience with my eternally-delayed publishing habits... ;-)

Times Editor



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