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Managers Neglecting the Needs of Whyvillians

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Managers Neglecting the Needs of Whyvillians

Guest Writer

My name is smileNOW, and I'm a citizen of Whyville. Lately I have been coming up with GREAT ideas for Whyville. I would put my ideas as petitions, but I've tried, and those don't work. I decided to write this article with the hopes of it getting published. I realize the chances of that happening are like one in one thousand. I mean, who is going to publish an article as critical as this one is?? Well, I hope the Whyville Times editor does, because Whyvillle needs it.

First of all, I think that the "Whyville Team" up at Whyville headquarters are COMPLETELY neglecting the needs of Whyvillians like myself. I have tons of questions on a DAILY basis that never get answered. Those include: How can I become a y-mail helper? Why can't I write more than one petition? How can I add more than 50 people to my Y-mail address book? Then there's my newest question: how do I become a Whyville Times writer??

Now, I've looked very HARD for the answers to these questions, and I never found answers. So I went to the Y-mail helpers, and GUESS WHAT? I never got one single response, NOT ONE. So my first two suggestions to Whyville managers: Find HELPFUL Y-mail helpers that are DEDICATED! and make answers to questions like mine, and many more, EASILY accessible, please!

As a Whyville citizen WITHOUT a Why-Pass, I am CONSTANTLY reading ads and promotions for Why-Passes. I wouldn't mind this at all if I saw results in Whyville from these slightly expensive Why-Passes! I don't see any proof from this money making scheme in Whyville. I don't see the fun, realistic things that Whyville should have. I don't see NEW things in Whyville.

These things that I expect include: churches, hotels, babies, babysitters, marriages, ministers, beaches, restaurants, emergency rooms, credit cards, streets, cars, JOBS!

I mean, all of these things have been suggested, over and over and over again in petitions that hardly EVER reach City Hall. I haven't seen changes that are very needed in Whyville yet, and I sometimes wonder if I will ever see them.

So, my third and final suggestion to Whyville Managers: Make Whyville a FUN, interesting place to be. Make these needed changes. Use that money from Why-Passes, and DEDICATE your time into making Whyville more than a lot of boring chatrooms, but make it FUN!!!

Lastly, I want to talk DIRECTLY to the REAL people running Whyville! I DARE you to publish this article. I DARE you to show that you can take a 14 year old girls criticism, and I DARE you to use this for your advantage. If you just take a risk and use at LEAST one of my ideas, than I can GUARANTEE more success in Whyville, and that is what you want, isn't it??

I just DARE you to answer my questions, or make the answers available. I mean, what do you have to lose?? NOTHING. You have NOTHING to lose, so think about that. Think about Whyville, and how it would be if you just changed one thing, if you just made one MAJOR change. I bet it would be fun, I bet it would be GREAT, I bet there would be many more Whyvillians!!

So, there you have it. You have everything you need to change, Whyville, so do it, why don't ya?

Thank You,



Editor's Note: That's a mighty long list there, smileNOW... how do you expect us to pay all the programmers to do this work? Why-Passes certainly help, but if they were enough to hire enough workers to provide everything you've asked for, well, they would be here, I promise! This stuff isn't as easy to do as City Hall makes it look -- otherwise there would be hundreds of Whyvilles out there!

That said, I'm sorry you don't see what we *have* done this summer. I'm sorry you don't see the work it took to make sure Whyville still exists. But I'm glad you have the faith in us to dare us to improve, to satisfy you. Believe me, we want to, and we are trying!



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