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Hey hey, it's RJ. You all know about the people who complain and complain and complain and... what else.... COMPLAIN!? Hey guys, if you don't like Whyville that much, don't come! We should have a positive environment, not a crabby one.

So, about the complaining, the Editor and City Hall responded. See the articles so I don't have to retype all of it. They said we should ask sponsor-like companies and ask them to support Whyville. I did, and I already got a


Unfortunately it was a computer response, and my spunk was quickly quashed. JC Penny's said a lotta junk I don't get, so I replied, asking,

    Yes, no, or thinking about it.

    PS: Human responds this time please

So, now I'm waiting.

But I just read the letter AGAIN and I figured it out, sorta. Maybe it meant that they need MORE people to convince them. That means YOU! Yes, YOU! No, not the person behind you.

So go to:


and click on the customer service link and email them, saying what you think.

I made a list of all the sponsors I'm trying, and here are some ideas for you:

  • Gap
  • JC Penny's
  • Burger King
  • Wendy's
  • Marshall Fields
  • Limited Too (although, they have a deal with Neopets, so maybe they won't or can't work with Whyville?)
  • Eddy Bauer
  • Coke a' Cola
  • Pepsi
  • Hershey's
  • Mars (they make M n' Ms )
  • Microsoft
  • (Dude, you're getting a) DELL! [LoL]

But where are their web sites? Well, go to www.yahoo.com and type in the company in search and it will give you lots of websites for them.

So please please please try this so people will stop complaining about Why-passes.

This is RachelJay going to Search Search Search!



Editor's Note: Keep in mind that these sites listed above are not controlled by Whyville, so if you run into anything that you or your parents find objectionable, take up your concerns with them, okay? Not that I expect there'll be much to complain about at JC Penny's, but hey, sometimes we gotta say this stuff.



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