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Why It's Called Whyville

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Why It's Called Whyville

Times Writer

Can't get signed in because there's over 200 people on (lucky kids! =P), and I've read the latest edition of the Times (although it just came out today), so what am I doing? Reading through the archives! But I've just found an article that made me abandon my pointless attempts to sign in! This particular Whyville Forum dates back about 2 years, and it was Red13gap's submission that really got me thinking. Why is Whyville called what it is?

    "Whyville is called Whyville because the people who created it where wondering why nobody else came up with the idea of a town with a place to make your house and your face." -- Red13gap

Well, what do you think? More importantly, what do I think?! =D (Jokes, jokes... I think....)

Whyville is based on education; the quest for knowledge. Why is the universal question -- human beings have a compulsion in their nature to figure out how everything works, why it works the way it does. Even as a child; this natural curiosity sometimes goes unrecognized but it really is quite astonishing how our minds are able to make connections with a primal urge to question what we thought we could not comprehend. Imagination can attribute to our belief that there is always an alternative possibility, that reality is as real as we believe.

Every game and activity on Whyville is centered on a theorem, technique, or a law -- these laws may relate to physics or astronomy, even as far to explore geography, physiology and mechanics. Entrepreneurship is also a big factor, along with management and world-wide currency exchange. Everything in Whyville tries to become a reflection of real life, almost like a trivial pre-run through your life in matters of education, finance, appearance (confidence), popularity (acceptance) and democracy (freedom to voice our beliefs as equals).

Many of us wonder what it would be like to belong, to be pretty, to have friends. Having the power to design and own your own store without any hassles of hundreds of thousands of dollars to start up a business -- completely obliterating the need for an additional 5-10 years of schooling. A life where we have no obligation to school aside from the games we play -- a modernized version of learning in which we are rewarded with MONEY. In real life, I can be flat our broke with no money to my name -- in Whyville I can have thousands of dollars within a few days. Ever want to dye your hair, get colored contacts, a lip ring, an eyebrow ring, tattoo? To go goth or punk, without having to worry about parent restrictions and harsh judgement from friends? And even better, being able to change whenever you want? Always having money, not having to get a part time job, babysit or wait for allowance? Get married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend every week?

Whyville lets us explore the possibilities of life. It sets up a guide to prepare us for life. It gives us an ulterior identity to escape life or create one in the image of your mind. Why was it named Whyville? Simply because it makes us wonder why things are they way they are, challenging our very perspectives on life and the reaches of our intellects. Making us reach out for more, perhaps something we can obtain or accomplish that we never knew we could.

I'm sure the Editor, City Hall, and the Workers know exactly how Whyville's name came to be. My version might be completely unrelated. What do YOU think?

Liss22 has a renewed view of the technicalities and complications that we take for granted.



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