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Hello fellow Whyvillians,

Here I am with another article, on learning in Whyville. I have noticed it seems to be one of the top subjects flying about within the Whyville Times. So, I've decided to put in my own opinion. [;)]

Okay, here I am about to over-discuss the subject of education in Whyville, so if you fall asleep during LONG speeches, maybe you'll want to tune out. But here goes anyway.

Whyville was made for kids, with an educational intent. And I feel they did a very good job of making an educational site fun. They have let us learn about the world, other than outside our front doors, through the alien game and treasure hunt. They have allowed us to learn responsibility (I'm still working on that one) by enabling us to use Akbar's Face Mall, and opening up our own business and learning how to use clams, or money. They also taught us about spinning and about balance, in the skater game, and the spin game. But they can't teach us everything.

I have a confession to make. I did not do these games on my own,.at first. What I mean is that as a newbie I did all the games I could on my own, getting my salary up to about 20 clams. Okay, I'm not a genius. Then, I started using cheats from my friends, as I began making friends.

But as I made my newer accounts, I decided to learn. I mean, actually learn and research how to do these games. And I was so surprised with what I found. I learned so much and I was intrigued with all I found! Whyville gets you interested in learning, but it can't teach you everything unless you give it a try. I guess that's the point I've come to after all my babbling. So don't come to Whyville just to chat, or earn clams (well, maybe do those, too). I wish everyone would come to Whyville for the full experience.

That's all,
Thanks for hearing me out..



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