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What's Out There?

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What's Out There?

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Hello! It's me, QUISP, yet again. Now I'm writing about space...

I find outer space fascinating, and lately I've become enthralled with it. I think it's awesome, something that is unlike anything on Earth, so mysterious, so beautiful...

It's romantic =P.

There's so much in space, yet also so little. It's vast, empty, a giant black vacuum. And just think, somewhere in that vacuum (in my opinion) it's folly to assume that there isn't some star with a planet orbiting it... similar to ours. They've discovered hundreds of stars almost identical to our own in all parts of the Milky Way galaxy, and that's ONLY the Milky Way!

Somewhere out there, I'm certain there's life. Intelligent life, not just bacteria. Now, it's quite a touchy subject, since it goes against almost all religions, and it is unknown, and people fear the unknown.

The problem is, if we DO find life, what will we do? I have a deep fear for the day we touch an alien life form...

Do you remember from history classes what humans have done to unknown races from other countries? They've thought themselves superior, and enslaved them. I fear we will do almost the same thing... stick them in a tank, and study them... that is unfair, don't you think? You may say that we are too advanced to do that. We do it to everything, we are so curious, our curiosity will take over. We will almost assuredly study them, and stick them in an exhibit where they can be monitored.

To me that's a very depressing thought. Perhaps the discovery of alien life isn't such a great thing after all? It would be nice to know we aren't alone in the universe, though....

Thanks for listening!



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