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Africa: What It's Like

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Africa: What It's Like

Guest Writer

This is in response to QUISP's article, Famine in Africa. He has a point that some countries in Africa are starving. To clarify something, though, not all Africans are living in poverty.

As a Nigerian (which means I was born in a country in Africa called Nigeria), I do not believe all of this is true. Recently, I have heard on the news that those countries that QUISP mentioned refuse to take thousands of bags of food that the U.S. has offered them. They say it is genetically engineered food. This is true, but the U.S has been trying to show them that such food does not hurt people.

As I was saying, everyone believes that everyone in Africa is poor or living in poverty. People always classify Africa as horrible and not a good place to live in. This is not right. There are millions of people in America and other countries (China, India, Korea, Thailand, etc.) that are just as poor in their country. There are a lot of great places to live in in Africa. They have great beaches along their coastline, with no overcrowding, very few sharks. It is very peaceful and quiet. Their religions are interesting, although most of them are Christians and Muslims. Their different cultures and languages are unique in their own special way.

Another thing -- not all Africans wear loincloths. They have cool jeans and good looking fashion wear there, too. People in Africa are not dumb because they cannot afford to go to school. For example, my grandmother did not go to any school at all, not even elementary school. How did she learn how to read and write? She was a very smart young lady. She taught herself all these things after working in the field day and night. She started a business using the nuts that they use to make chocolate. My grandma has many houses now. Although she is a woman in her eighties, she is still as agile as in her sixties. Her children and grandchildren look up to her as a role model and most of them have attended college already and are now successful.

To conclude, not all things are always the way it seems. This is Nigerians signing off, saying don't take things for granted, hmm...



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