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Pessimism/Realism Redux

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Pessimism/Realism Redux

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Hey, its me QUISP, I read StykFigga's article on pessimism/realism (which I urge you all to read) and I have many of the same opinions.

I consider those 'extreme' views realism; they aren't pessimism, as much as my friends may call me a pessimist for telling them about them. I don't blame them, they're just teenagers trying to have fun.... But then again, isn't EVERYONE just a person trying to have fun and live a good life? These things apparently make life not-so-great anymore. Well, quite frankly, I wish everyone would wake up from their happy little dream-worlds.

Jeeze, I know far too many people that deny/cover-up/ignore the things they don't enjoy hearing about, or that threatens their job. For example, we've had electric cars since shortly after cars were invented!!! But of course, the car dealerships work with the oil companies and the oil companies would lose profit if electric cars were released. It's as simple as that.

The point is, the world is not a happy place to live right now. But we can't keep doing things we know hurt the planet. They hurt us too. We need to get past those terrible multi-billion dollar corporations that plague the planet and fix it. If we don't fix them, well, I'm sorry to be... unhappy... but it'll be the end of us all, in one way or another.

Anyway, before I make you all depressed zombies, I suppose I'll stop. Worry about these things, they need more people to think about them. Talk to your parents, too. Get their opinions. =)

Thanks for your time. :)



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