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I used to come around Whyville over a year ago. Back then, the Times was full of intelligent articles and there were no such things as why-passes.

I started coming back recently and was surprised at the new lack of quality and intelligence in the Times. There were silly articles about colors of your soul, how one girl likes the world, a girl following her favorite star. I mean, c'mon, the Whyville Times is about WHYVILLE, not just one or two citizens and their friends. I think Whyville should find more intelligent articles to put in a paper we all read (eh, sometimes, anyway...). No more silly tosh gossip about secret marriages and such. I don't have anything against people who write articles about things like pudding and famous oldbies, but I don't think articles like that should be accepted. It's a matter of quality, and the Whyville Times certainly has very little, if any, of that.

Your favorite ranting moron, Genie2.


unknown author
Guest Writer

Hello my fellow Whyvillian. I'm glad you're taking the time to read my article. I want to talk to you about people asking you for personal information.

Just lately someone I won't name came up to me and asked me for my mom's credit card number!! I was shocked to see someone just come up to you and ask you for such a thing! I told him/her no, but then they said, "You tell me your mom's credit card number and I'll tell you my mom's credit card number"!!! I was even more shocked, but at the same time I was laughing, I mean, how dumb does this Whyvillian think I am??? Asking me for my mom's credit card number!

I'm writing this article to tell all Whyvillians, oldies and newbies, that if anyone, anyone ever asks you for personal information in or outside of Whyville never, never, never give it to them! And if you're in Whyville, double-click on their face and 911 report them immediately, to help protect the innocent and ignorant! This is a safe place and we want to keep it that way!


Guest Writer

Now, I know many of you are very depressed about summer ending. I am, myself. It was a fun one. But don't be bummed. Try to look on the bright side: you will get to see all your friends again, and school isn't THAT bad.

There are after-school sports, like basketball and volleyball, cheerleading, theatre, and many others. That's what I'm looking forward to. And a good way to start out the new year is by decorating your school supplies. Maybe cover your textbooks with cool designs, or make little keychains for your backpack. Get some great clothes, the latest fashions or whatever you want! Go wild!

Make your year the best it can be. Just remember, soon it will be over, and you will be stressless again. [;)]

This is shmee signing off, till next time!


Guest Writer

I am responding to Giggler01's article from the August 15th issue, titled, "Old School Style Cash." I think bringing back the T-shirt idea is awesome. Giggler01 mentioned the new Neopets line out in Limited Too. Personally, I think that Neopets line is great. I can say from experience that it's my younger siblings new allowance buster.

But the thing about the Neopets fad that seems to work is that it's cute. I have seen the design for the "old" Whyville T-shirt and I hate to say I probably would never buy it. But it would be so cool is if you could buy a doll head that looks just like your own Whyville character. And of course, the Neopets line has keychains and necklaces and what not. And also of course, maybe on the back of the T- shirt would be a slogan or jingle or some sort for Whyville.

But one thing that the Neopets line has that Whyville doesn't have... A SPONSOR!!! Limited Too is a rather popular place to buy clothing, so the popularity went to the Neopets merchandise also. I think if Whyville could find a store to hold its T- shirts and items then it would become more popular.

Sorry if my ideas are in a bundle here. I'm off to find a sponsor....



Editor's Note: By the way, the old design for Whyville shirts may look like it has a dorky face on it, but that was actually just a filler artwork. When you ordered a t-shirt, we put *your* face on the shirt! Hopefully we'll be able to bring that back -- if you want us to, of course!



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