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Strangers: You Never Know

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Strangers: You Never Know

Times Writer

Welcome to Whyville. The most interactive city on the net. And yes, that does make it a chat room. It can be a chat room just like any other, and I'm here to tell you a story that will help remind you all about why it's important you watch yourself on the net. (This story is true, and meant to be informative, not to scare anyone.)

The other day, sitting in an airport, I picked up a new paper to read, seeing as I would be waiting a couple more hours. While flipping to the comic section, a story caught my eye. Let me give you the gist of it:

    There once was a girl very similar to many of the girls on Whyville. She met a guy in a chat room, and became friends with him quickly. They chatted often, and soon the girl arranged to meet him. One evening, she asked him over to visit, while her parents had gone out. When he arrived, he murdered her, and then burned down her house.

This story isn't complete without my little sister saying, "Oh, that's too bad," but that's it. Be careful guys! You have no idea what type of people you are really talking to!

Anyway, this is Giggler01, wondering, "If light is the fastest thing on earth, how fast is darkness?"


Guest Writer

One day, back when I was 3 years old, my mom and I were driving to my best friend's house so we could play and my mom could 'catch up on da gossip'. Their house was an hour away and we didn't see them often. I was really really excited because she was my best friend.

We were driving along when suddenly our car got a flat tire. We pulled over and my mom checked it out. I remember her telling me it was really bad and we might not get to see our friends. "I'm really sorry," she said. :-(

The tire was totally ripped and we were in the middle of nowhere and the closest exit was a mile away. A 3 year old can't walk a mile, nor can a pregnant woman (my brother in the making). My mom didn't have a cell phone because it was many years ago, and who would you call, anyway? So we waited, and waited, and waited. Hundreds of cars passed us and not one stopped. It was 11:00 when we'd started. It was currently 3:00. Then, as if it was a miracle, a man pulled over. He drove us to the nearest car shop, then paid a tow truck to tow our car and fix it too.

My mom tried to pay him back but he refused. He stayed and talked with us until our car was fixed and we were ready to go. We never got his name or number or anything. Just a helping hand.

Out of all those cars, hundreds, possibly thousands, only one kind man helped.

Why? Not only did he help us, he paid for it, too! Would you have done that?




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