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You Know You're Addicted When...

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You Know You're Addicted When...

Guest Writer

Hello, my fellow Whyvillians! Lilpup6 here, wondering if you're addicted to Whyville like I am. By reading this, you will be able to see if you're addicted. So, here goes!

You know you're addicted to Whyville when... you log on to Whyville every single day without fail (or at least you try), and when you can't for some reason, you are really bummed.

...you use your allowance to buy a Why-Pass, or, if you don't get an allowance, you beg your parents to buy you one.

...you write lots of petitions to make Whyville better, and sign every petition and poll in the poll booth, no matter what it says.

...you write as many articles as you can for the Whyville Times. *Like I am right now* LoL!

...you call American Airlines and ask for one ticket to Whyville.

...when someone else wants to use the computer, you are very reluctant to give it up, unless you get it back very very soon.

...you ask your sports fan dad why Whyville doesn't have any sports teams.

...you go swimming off the coast of California looking for Whyville, but you instead end up in Hawaii.

...you think of anything else that might be a sign of addiction to Whyville!!

Well, there you have it. All I could think of for addiction to Whyville. Googles would call it the Y-Syndrome. Well, this is lilpup6, signing off... *click*



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